These roles will challenge you 

In social work, career-defining moments don’t come around very often. This is one of them. We’re looking for your expertise, passion and energy to help us turn our situation around and ensure we properly protect vulnerable children.

This is a challenge you’re unlikely to face anywhere else in the UK. Joining the passionate and expert social workers who are already here, you’ll work with different legislation and different challenges. We’re a small island and you’ll be part of the communities you work with. But because of the close community, you’ll sometimes have to transfer children off the island to safeguard them.

All this amounts to creative, bespoke, case-by-case social work, where the solutions will be every bit as unique as the problems. And while these cases will be just as complex as anywhere else, there’ll be far fewer of them, so you’ll have the time to give each child the thought and action they deserve.

Make no mistake, this is a long-term endeavour needing long-term commitment. When we say this is the biggest thing any of us have ever done, we mean it. Join a proud, determined team that is already making headway and be part of the change.

  • Social Workers
    £49,357 - £54,389

    Let’s be honest
    We’re daring to think differently.

    The island of Jersey is undeniably beautiful. It’s a great place in which to define your career potential, find the perfect work/life balance, raise a family, and make a good life for yourself. It’s also a place where not enough was done to protect vulnerable children, with the result that hundreds of children were neglected, abused and overlooked over a 75-year period. It’s a dreadful statistic, and one that we’re committed to correcting – right now, with no excuses. Quite simply, our social work team are taking on the biggest challenge of their lives – and we’d like you to be at the heart of this bold initiative.

    We have put the resources and measures in place to ensure Jersey’s failings are addressed and we have a highly-skilled social work team in place to make the most of this important moment in time. Now we need to swell our numbers, so we are seeking proactive, compassionate Social Workers to lead the charge. People like you, who will take on a manageable caseload, and use their initiative to make a tangible difference to people’s lives.

    Living alongside the communities that you are supporting, you will conduct comprehensive assessments and devise care and protection plans to support children and their families. You might need to make some difficult decisions regarding safeguarding issues, but with the full backing of the team and access to multi-agency partners who share your ambitions, those decisions will save and enhance lives. With exceptional communication skills and post-qualification experience or as a newly-qualified Social Worker, you will find the right level of support and responsibility to match your level of knowledge.

    We’re committed to seeing this change through. It won’t happen overnight, but we have an achievable long-term goal in which our Social Workers will have the time and facilities they need to transform the wellbeing of every child who comes to our attention. Against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful islands – and the sense of community that comes with island living – this is your chance to take your career to the next level.

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  • Senior Practitioners

    Let’s be honest
    ‘Average’ is not enough – exceptional is where we’re heading.

    We need to be clear from the outset. On the island of Jersey, we haven’t done enough to protect vulnerable children in the past. - That’s not an easy thing to face up to. Every child deserves a bright future, and we are making sure that ambition becomes a reality. With a bold plan to shake up how things have previously been done, we’re looking for a number of innovative professionals to join our visionary social work team.

    This is the type of challenge that you simply won’t find elsewhere. As a Senior Practitioner, you will line-manage and support your social work colleagues to ensure they’re delivering exceptional assessment and protection services. You’ll take responsibility for a small caseload of complex cases too, making difficult risk and safeguarding assessments and working with multi-agency contacts to keep children safe. In the process, you will transform lives on an unimaginable scale.

    While the challenges that we face may well be similar to what you’ve previously experienced in your career, you’ll have the bonus of a manageable workload and plenty of resources – meaning you can give families and children the support they truly need. Against the backdrop of a stunning island existence where the quality of living is exceptional and your work/life balance is guaranteed, this is an opportunity to shape a brilliant future for yourself and for Jersey’s most vulnerable residents.

    We know that change won’t happen overnight, but we are committed to ensuring that our plans ultimately bring about a better existence for Jersey’s children. If you’re a registered professional with post-qualification experience in social work and experience in a specialist area, then you may well be the perfect addition to our team. All you need is plenty of resilience, exceptional communication skills and a determination to be part of this important change.

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  • Team Managers
    £60,587 – £66,590

    Let’s be honest
    We’re not afraid of change.

    We need to be straight with you. On the island of Jersey, we haven’t done enough to protect vulnerable children. Over 75 years, hundreds of vulnerable children have been exposed to abuse and neglect. It’s a shocking statistic, but it’s now the past, and we’ve learnt from our very real mistakes. Today we’re looking for dynamic and motivational Team Managers to help us bring about lasting change – and you could be at the forefront of this much-needed social care movement.

    As a qualified social worker, this is your opportunity to do something unique with your career. We’ve got an exceptional social work team already in place, but we need to swell their numbers and bring in visionary leaders who will make the most of the resources that have been put in place to transform children’s life outcomes.

    Overseeing the day-to-day activities of a team of Social Workers, Senior Practitioners and administrators, you will be the guiding hand ensuring they are achieving their goals and that vulnerable children are receiving the best care and support both now and in the future. As such, you will identify changing needs and predict future demands on the service, putting measures in place to plan services accordingly. Forming and implementing policies, you will monitor staff performance and ensure budgets are available to achieve your long-term plans.

    Jersey offers a challenge like no other. You will be working with a different legislation and different challenges, but you’ll find that the team have more manageable caseloads that on the mainland – allowing them to give the time and resources they need to make a tangible difference to the island’s children. You will therefore need exceptional communication and stakeholder management skills and considerable post-qualification social work experience. You’ll also need specialist area expertise and you will either have or be willing to complete a management qualification. 

    Whether you are considering the role for the camaraderie that comes with island life, or because our schools outperform the UK’s mainland schools at every key stage, Jersey offers a unique proposition. Against the backdrop of a truly beautiful location and with an exceptional work/life balance, this is a career-defining, life-enhancing opportunity. 

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